I would count myself to the so called 'digital natives'. I was interested in Programming, design and engineering of software as far as I can remember in my adolescence. After completing my job training in 2003 I was able to dive deeper in the .NET Framework with C# and I wrote my first web based application with ASP.NET. Ever then my hobby and career aspirations merged and a degree in computer science with a focus on software development complemented my practical knowledge with a lot of theoretical details. In addition to my studies I worked at the company  Scopevisio in Bonn as a software tester to get a better insight into the professional software development process. Fairly quick it was clear to me that I wanted to get involved into softwaredevelopment myself. For 3 1/2 years I worked as a software developer at the  istis Informationssysteme GmbH in Düsseldorf where I also gathered my first professional development impressions. Since December of 2013 I am working at the company JTL Software GmbH in Cologne as a member of a larger development team, where I am developing software for an international community in the e-Commerce sector.

During my free time I am always looking for new and exciting technologies. Currently I am discovering a lot of ways to develop of distributed modular applications with the WPF, WCF and PRISM. I am also interested in business application architectures and how to achieve them with CQRS.

I currently live in a 4 person flat in the heart of Cologne. I wouldn't define myself as an ordinary programmer and that's exactly what I regularly hear from my friends. However, I think that most people have a completely wrong picture of software developers. I spare a lot of time with my flatmates and friends. For my sporty balance I try to play speed badminton as often as I can. I am also part of the Kölner Speedbadminton Verein. I also have a passion for ( rock and acoustic ) music which I enjoy at concerts or just at home on the sun terrace. I am also a fan of film and theater, as well as other forms of expressive representation.

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