Nov 8

Using visual studio online now

Unfortunately, my time is currently too limited to continue work on my own projects often. But sometimes if I got the time I am not able to connect to my codebase. Sometimes I just wanna note something that comes to my mind or read again what I already wrote to think about it again. Recently,

Sep 26

Animated Expander for WPF

For my current projekt I want to implement a control like the  Hamburger Sidebar icon-reorder . For the new Universal Windows Apps I found a control that is called SplitView which can be easily used for this purpose. Sadly there is nothing similar in WPF that might be used for it. So I came to the point restyling the Expander control

Sep 23

Windows 10 – Cross device development

Last night I attended for the first time to a developer event which was organized by Microsoft. The title of the event was “Cross device development with the Universal Windows Platform”. The start was about 6pm in Cologne Media Park 7 which turned out to be an excellent location. There were some snacks and drinks

Aug 13

Changing content language

You might have noticed, if you are actually reading this stuff at all, that I’ve written content for Cocoon Software in German until this day. I was thinking about it during the last weeks and came to the conclusion that I will continue to deliver content in English from now on. What’s the point? The fact that almost

Aug 7

Drag images from Chrome to WPF application

Problem I am currently experimenting a lot with WPF GUI’s to improve the usability within my applications. A lot of users use to drag & drop images from the web into a local application in order to add them to a collection. This sounds rather simple to implement. But it seems that every browser has its

Jul 27

Auto Margin between Panel elements

How do you achieve a simple alignment of multiple elements within a panel in WPF? If you’re doing masks with multiple Textblocks and Textboxes you might have asked yourself exactly this question. In Winforms this wasn’t a trivial problem because you had to set the margin or padding of each element yourself. Fortunately this is a

Jul 20

Was steckt im Softwarekern?

Softwarekern, Kernel, Core, Basis, Engine, … es gibt viele Namen für den fundamentalen Bestandteil einer Software, den Entwickler nutzen um das letztliche Produkt zu gestalten und entwickeln. Immer wieder wenn ich damit anfange eine Software von Grund auf zu gestalten, stelle ich mir folgende Fragen: Was soll die Software leisten? Wie soll sie aussehen? Wer

Jul 15

Domain Driven Design mit CQRS

Arbeitsbedingt habe ich mich in den letzten Wochen sehr viel mit alternativer Softwaremodellierung im Bereich Architektur komplexer Unternehmensanwendungen beschäftigt. Allem voran geht dabei natürlich das Domain Driven Design welches von Eric Evans auf den Weg gebracht wurde. Durch die Recherche bin ich auf das recht junge Architekturmuster CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) gestoßen. Was genau